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Having Gum Disease Is A Pain;
Treating it is a Breeze . . .
with ShowerBreeze and QuickBreeze Oral Irrigators

Brush regularly? Floss sometimes?

Chances are you will still get gingivitis or worse, periodontitis,
because 75% of adults will be treating gum disease in their future.

If you already have it, you know the -

  • discomfort of bleeding gums
  • embarrassment of bad breath
  • potential for tooth loss
  • danger of heart disease

Oral Breeze has been taking the ouch out of gum disease since 1997

Treating gum disease takes just 15 seconds a day with Oral Breeze oral irrigation products. Think of them as power washers for your mouth flushing gum and teeth crevices where tooth brushes and thread floss just can’t go.

Like a gentle breeze, Oral Breeze oral irrigators massage and cleanse your gums, streaming water into hard-to-reach places to remove dangerous plaque, unwanted food particles, and pesky bacteria.

Breeze away bleeding gums with Oral Breeze Oral Irrigators

The ShowerBreeze (for gum care in the shower) and the QuickBreeze (for gum care at the sink) were developed by their inventor as a better method to care for his gums than conventional electric tank units.

And he succeeded. ShowerBreeze and QuickBreeze oral irrigators are:

  • Affordable under $30
  • Dependable lifetime warranty
  • Quick & Easy just 15 seconds a day

Our irrigators are just better than electric units

Out-dated electric units with their bacteria-ridden tanks and messy daily setup are just too much trouble to keep using every day. Oral Breeze water-powered irrigators, on the other hand, are - well - a breeze. You’ll want to use yours every day.

We are so sure that you will we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Thousands of satisfied customers breeze away gum disease

“I have been using my [QuickBreeze] every single day for 2 years. And I won’t stop. It's amazing for me to see how my gums became lively again.”

“I have used your [ShowerBreeze] for 4 years and think it is a fantastic product.”

“My wife and I have been using the [ShowerBreeze] for over a year. Our hygienist has become so impressed she is going to order one for herself.”

“My hygienist says "keep doing what you're doing, because it’s getting into the hard spots for plaque removal, improved your gum disease and halted the destruction.”

“I had suffered from problems with my "pockets" becoming deeper which collected food. Since using the [QuickBreeze], I am able to [irrigate] more often thus reducing the gum disease associated with enlarged pockets. I gave your web site to my dentist."

Stop the pain of gum disease. Get your Oral Breeze irrigator today

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